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Counselling can help you

See things more clearly


About Me

I work with individuals to achieve greater insight into and their lives, relationships and problems. 

Counselling can provide a space to explore any difficult thoughts, feelings & behaviours you are experiencing in a confidential, non-judgemental and understanding relationship.

People often seek counselling because they are feeling stuck.  By taking time to focus on your experience together, we can promote change in areas such as anxiety, depression, historical trauma, identity, relationships, culture & diversity and loss & bereavement.

I am currently offering sessions online and face-to-face in  Bedford Place, Southampton.

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Working with issues of...


Anxiety can have a big impact on our lives and can feel overwhelming at times.  Together we can work to manage your anxiety and understand what may have caused it.

Loss & bereavement

Any experience of loss can invoke a range of emotions that can be hard to tolerate.  Together we can explore these feelings and find a way for you to feel easier about moving on.


Living with a low mood can feel exhausting and overwhelming.  Together we can search for reasons for your low mood and find ways for you to bounce back when things are tough.


Sometimes we experience things that threaten our safety.  Trauma can take many shapes and is experienced on an individual basis.  Living with its’ effects can feel overwhelming.  Together we can find ways to manage symptoms and help you understand your body's trauma responses so that you can move on with your life.


It is important to know who we are and live life how we want to but sometimes that can be challenging.  Together we can examine your identity and give you a greater sense of self.

Culture & diversity

We all come from different backgrounds; gender, race, class, age, religion, physical ability or disability, sexual orientation etc.  Together we can look at any issues of diversity you experience, where you fit into your culture and where your culture fits into you.

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